The History of Lacrosse

Native American Baggataway

The history of lacrosse begins around 1636 of Early America, when a Jesuit Missionary first documented the game of lacrosse. It was a sport dominated by all males.

Early data on the origins of lacrosse are very conflicting. There is no written documentation of the rules used or the strategy involved in playing lacrosse.

Most early explorers do report on the field size, equipment used and duration of the games.

The evolution of the rubber ball is unknown in lacrosse history. Some believe that the ball originally came from a type of animal hide, but this is unconfirmed.

Native American Lacrosse had three basic forms.

Lacrosse got its name from French settlers when they used the generic name for "a curved stick" (crosse). However, it was known to most Native Americans as "little brother of war."

Canadians adopted the game and attempted to civilize it with a new set of rules. Lacrosse quickly began to grow in popularity in Canada, with the formation the lacrosse clubs.

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Origins of Lacrosse

It is not only a recreational sport, but it played a serious role in Native American culture.

Lacrosse is known as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Today, traditional lacrosse equipment has been substituted with manufactured equipment (such as the aluminum shaft and plastic head) and official regulations.

Lacrosse History, ironically belongs to women today, as their form of playing most closely resembles that of the Native Americans. This resemblance includes the lack of protected gear, and the lack of sidelines.

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