Lacrosse Positions

What Position Do You Play?


This section of Lacrosse Positions is for the new/future lacrosse player, who is looking for information on the different position options.

If you are looking for more advanced information on a specific position, click the link that will take you to that position.

There are four main positions in the sport of lacrosse: Attack, Midfield (Middie), Defense, and Goalie.


The attackmen (in general) are the team's goal scorers. To play attack lacrosse positions you must be quick and agile, with great stick skills and the ability to score a goal on command.

Attackmen play close to the whole game. This is because they only exert themselves when they are on offense, and don't have to run back and play defense. We have lacrosse attack tips for more advanced players.

goLacrosse Attack Tips

Midfielders "Middies"

Middies are the heart of a good lacrosse team. They are constantly running, and therefore have to substitute more often. From taking face-offs, to scoring goals, to playing defense, mid-fielders do it all.

Here are lacrosse middie tips for advanced players. Lacrosse faceoff specialists are the unsung hero's for the team. Any middie can take face-offs, but only a couple per team actually does.

Don't have a good defense? No problem; your good face-off man will just win the face-off every time and you will always be on offense. Most college teams have taken notice to the fact of how important it is to have a good face-off man.

Some colleges are even giving scholarships to players who just take face-offs, and don't do anything else! We have lacrosse face-off tips for more advanced players.

goLacrosse Face Off

goLacrosse Middie Tips


A good defense is vital to a lacrosse game. If you want to be an enforcer, then this is the position for you.

Defense-men play with longer shafts (usually 60 inches), so they can beat on the opposing team easier. Being quick on your feet is a must for this position. Good vision is also vital, because you must always know where your guy is, as well as where the ball is. We have lacrosse defense tips for more advanced players.

goLacrosse Defense Tips


The goalie. Much like every other sport, the goalie is the single most important of the lacrosse positions on the field.

A "short" memory is required to be a lacrosse goalie, because you will almost always have 5-10 goals scored against you in a game. Also... Prepare to be bruised. Here are lacrosse goalie tips for more advanced players.web metrics

goLacrosse Goalie Tips

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