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Jazz Up Your Lacrosse Practice

A good lacrosse coaching technique that you want to use is called "economical training." This is making the most of every single second that you spend at practice. There are (more or less) two different ways to make your practice more economical.

  • The first way is to combine the skills you are teaching so that the players are always doing more than one. An example of this would be to run while shooting the ball (not just stand and shoot). Another could be dodge, run, then shoot.

    Try to incorporate at least two skills in each drill.

  • The second way to incorporate economical training, and proper lacrosse coaching technique is to create stations. Create 5 stations, about 5 people at each station, around the field.

    This works great, because rather than waiting for five or six different people to go before you, you only have to wait for one or two. Waiting less, and getting more reps will improve your skills drastically.

If you want a more productive practice, then I highly recommend trying one of these two lacrosse coaching techniques.

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Tired of Line Drills?

I think almost every person who has played lacrosse can agree that the most boring part of practice is the line drill. Wow...Lets all run in a straight line and then pass the ball! FUN!

If you are looking for an alternative to the line drill, then you can try The Box Drill. The box drill is similar to line drills, but more interesting and a good change.

Start all of your players at the top corner of the box. Besides that corner, every other corner should have only one player at it.

The player in line starts with the ball, makes a dodge, and then passes it to the top left corner (the other corner at the top of the box). That player makes a dodge, and passes it diagonally to the bottom right corner. That player catches it, makes a dodge, then passes it across the crease to the bottom left corner player (who should be cutting to the crease). That player takes a quick shot, then gets back in line. The drill starts again. (Important: Once you pass the ball, you are replacing the spot of the player you passed it to, so it is constantly rotating.)

This is a fun drill that easily replaces doing line drills.

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The Unsettled Drill is unorganized, but it works.

The Unsettled Drill

Another lacrosse coaching technique is an alternative to regular 6v6. Separate your offense (Put them on the sidelines on one side of the field) and defense (Put them on the other side line). The head coach is with the offense, while the assistant coach, or defensive captain is with the defense. The coach says a number such as, "four" so that only the offense can here it. At the same time, the defensive coach says a number, "3" so only the defense can here it.

When the whistle blows, both offense and defense sprint onto the field (each with their respective number of players), and they play unsettled, until the ball is cleared or goes in the goal.

Once the play stops, the players go back to their respective sideline, and the drill starts over again. Note that if the defense or offense is vastly overwhelmed, just keep playing.

This drill can look very disorganized, but it has some great key elements. It has conditioning, with the players sprinting onto the field each whistle. It has communication, the players must decide who is going out onto the field. And most importantly, it is a pretty fun drill.

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