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We have tons of drills for each specific position including: Attack, Middie, Defense, Goalie, and Faceoff.

For me, the lax drills at practice were the same EVERYDAY.


Coaching Lacrosse Drills

Lacrosse practices are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Not slow and boring. But making practices fun and exciting can be very difficult when you have all of the lacrosse positions doing the same drills.

Different drills for different lacrosse positions are absolutely necessary for a successful practice. However, you will find that most drills carry over into other positions.

Coaching these drills can be completely different. If you need help teaching these drills to other players, try viewing our Coaching Lacrosse Techniques.

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Attack Drills should focus mainly on dodging, passing and shooting from about five yards out.

Attack Drills

Why just dodging, passing and shooting close range?

Because, these are the three things that are most important to a good lacrosse player.

Dodging helps you get pass defenders. Passing is very important because you can feed the ball into a cutting midfielder. Close range shooting helps the attackman finish a shot, and score a goal.

Attackmen will very rarely take a shot that is further than five yards out.

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Middie drills should focus mainly on endurance, shooting from 10-15 yards out, and cutting to the net.

Middie Drills

Endurance is very important to middies because they are constantly running. They must run to get back on defense, and run to create a fast break.

Outside shooting is also important for a middie. A good outside shooting threat can cause the defense to completely shift their game.

If you don't have a hard, fast shot, then cutting to the net is your best option to score a goal. Because my shot was usually about 2 miles per hour (I say usually, because sometimes it got to 3 mph), I had to rely on cutting to the net to get my goals.

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Defense Drills

Defense drills should focus on long passes, poke checking and body positioning.

Long passes are vital to clearing the ball. These can be REALLY BORING to practice, but they are very important.

If you are playing defense, then poke checking is the way to go. A bad habit for a defender to get into is to slap check and not poke check.

A third attribute that is important to a defender is body positioning. Good body positioning can help with slides and checking ability.

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Goalie Drills

Goalie drills should focus on making the save (obviously), and clearing the ball.

There are a ton of lacrosse drills that help a goalie save the ball. Click on the link above for these saving drills.

Clearing the ball is the most important transition from defense to offense. It doesn't matter how many saves you make, if your team can't clear the ball, then you will lose the game.

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