Lacrosse Tricks

Here you will find how, and why lacrosse tricks are a neccessary part of the game. This is the cool part of the website (of course the whole thing is pretty sweet).

Lacrosse tricks are fun. Learning them, trying them, and doing them can become an obsession.

Generally, there are two categories of tricks that a lacrosse player can do: Stick handling tricks, and

Trick Shots.

There are a countless number of tricks out there, and each day one more gets invented. But that shouldn't stop you from trying to create one of your own.

Maybe one day, the trick that you invented will get popular, and the pros will start to do it!

I am only going to go over the basic lacrosse tricks here. If you would like to learn more, then go to:

Lacrosse Tricks Videos.

Stick Handling Lacrosse Tricks

The Indian Pickup:

This is a really fun one to learn, and almost everyone knows what it is. With the ball on the ground, you want to hit the ball with one side of the lacrosse head, while flipping your stick over, and catching the ball.

I remember when I was younger, and stupider, I tried this in a game. I was unsuccessful. The next practice, I had to run a mile and do 100 push ups. Needless to say, I never did that again...Ever.

Baton Twirl:

Note that this is called many different things. This lacrosse trick is very easy to do. Just put the ball in the crosse, and spin the lacrosse stick as you throw it into the air. It looks pretty hard, but it is actually really easy.

As the sticks comes down, try to catch it with one hand, and with the ball still in your stick. You can either look cool while you do this, or like a complete chump.

Backside shaft hit:

OK, I'll admit, I have no clue what this trick is called. But it is pretty cool, and semi difficult.

Using one hand on the stick, throw the ball out of your pocket, hit it with the back side of your shaft, and then make it land back in the pocket.

I personally never liked doing this one, because when ever I hit it with the shaft, I either broke something, or hit someone. Use with caution.

Sidewall Balance:

This one is fairly simple for lacrosse players of all ages to do. Using two hands (or one when you get good) toss the ball out of your pocket and make it balance on the sidewall of your stick.

I have always really liked this lacrosse trick because you can you both hands, one hand, toss the ball from sidewall to sidewall, etc.

Sidewall Juggle:

Similar to the Sidewall Balance, the Sidewall Juggle occurs when you toss the ball out of your stick, and keep hitting it on the sidewall.

Do this for as long as you can to try to break my record: 107 (yeah, I have no life). You can do this with one hand or two hands, and either one of the sidewalls.

Beware of running balls. HAHA.

Most of the things you see here are for practice, and fun time only. NEVER do these things in a game. You will probably get made fun of, and your coach will definitely scream at you.

The Upside-down Sidewall Spin:

Start by balancing the ball on your sidewall. Then, place your right hand on the butt of the stick. Your right hand should be palms up, and the thumb should be pointing away from the head.

Raise your hand and spin in a circle. As you spin faster, the centrifugal force will take over, and keep the ball on the sidewall.

*Note: A pinched head works better for this trick.

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